Boston Dinner 2018


The 2018 Boston Dinner will take place on Saturday February 3rd, 2018 at the Burlington Marriott Burlington, MA. 

Call teh Marriott (1-888-855-7741) for a reduced rate of $125 US no later than January 15th. Tell them you are with the Miramichi Salmon event. More details to come.

To reserve your tickets today please contact:
(US Members) Linda at 781-397-8870 or via e-mail at
(Canadian Members) Kate at 506-622-4000 or via e-mail at

Last years 63rd Annual MSA Conservation Dinner in Boston was held at the Marriott in Burlington, MA, and honoured long time Director, past Chairman, avid angler and conservationist, Vince Swazey. The evening was well attended and the master of ceremonies and Chair of the Boston Dinner, Andy Dumaine kept everything running on time and smmothly. The live auction, which was auctioneered by Director Gary Tanner, featured beautiful works of art, plenty of one of a kind fishing trips and unique collections of flies.  The evening also included recognizing over seven american donors with Lifetime giving recognition in our $5,000 Blue Charm category right up to Long time Director, Kit Barrow who received the $150,000 Thunder and Lighting shadowbox and pin. The MSA wishes to thank all those in attendance and the  Boston Dinner committee for all their continued hard work on making the MSA’s longest running dinner a success again this year. 

The annual Boston Symposium also took place prior to the Dinner and featured the below presenters: 

 Separating fact from fiction regarding the threats of Striped and Smallmouth Bass; and the roles of the NB Department of Energy & Resource Development, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and First Nations in salmon conservation. Presented by Debbie Norton, MSA Director, President of the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee, camp owner, entrepreneur, former Miramichi Valley high school teacher, and native Miramichier whose family has lived in the valley since the mid 19th century.

The Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow (“CAST”). The CAST partnership comprises prominent scientists, environmental groups and industries for the first time working together on the problem of Atlantic Salmon preservation. The MSA plays a critical operating and management role in its six science projects on the Miramichi and Restigouche rivers. Presented by Tommi Linnansari, from the University of New Brunswick. 

Grey Seal Predation and its effect on Atlantic Salmon and its ecosystem. The presentation will cover the over-abundance of grey seals in the Maritimes, its consequences, and the challenges of restoring proper balance among the affected species in its ecosystem. Suju Mahendrappa has studied the problem for years, is an acknowledged expert on the subject, and Director of Maritime Seal Management, Inc.

The common history of Sea Run Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon runs in eastern North America. Sea Run Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon have migrated together historically across New England and still do today in the Canadian Maritimes. Vestiges of the Massachusetts “salter” run remain, and Ronald Lasko has been intimately involved in rebuilding it. He frequently lectures on the subject, is the author of ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’, the first full length book written about Sea Run Brook Trout, which has received Editorial Acclaim in America and the United Kingdom.