Join us for our first Comedy Night “Fishing for Laughs”

Join us November 18th, 2017 at the Vogue Theatre  in Miramichi, NB for our first comedy night featuring Jimmy MacKinley! Click the image for more details.

6th Annual Jody Harrison Memorial Fall Salmon Classic

September 29 to October 1, 2017 Otter Brook Salmon Club

You are invited to the sixth annual “Jody Harrison Memorial Fall Salmon Classic”. It will take place at the Otter Brook Salmon Club on the Little Southwest Miramichi from September 29 to October 1, 2017. All are welcome to stay at the camp to enjoy some great fishing and great company. I would like to ask that everyone who attends make a minimum donation of $20, all this money will be pooled together and donated to the Miramichi Salmon Association in Jody’s name. Also, in honor of Jody, there will be a “Lunker” award for the fisherman that bags the largest salmon – the term “Lunker” was one that Jody used to describe the big salmon, it will be five years this October since Jody landed his last big “lunker” pictured above. The “Lunker” contest will run from September 29 to October 15. Last year this award went to Shawn Dickson. The winner will be able to display this award at their place of business or home as bragging rights for the year.
I hope everyone can make it for a portion of the trip or all of it. Let’s make this the biggest turn out yet! RSVP to

ONE WEEK LEFT : Just over one week until the 22nd Annual MSA Fredericton Dinner

Just over one week until the 22nd Annual Fredericton Dinner taking place Thursday Sept 21st at the Fredericton Inn. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet there is still time. Just call or e-mail me, Kate, at 506-622-4000 or

For more details visit the events page:

Water Temperatures in the Miramichi Watershed : Real Time!

Water Temperatures in Miramichi today Sept 11, 2017 are: 
SWM @ Doaktown-15.508 °C
NWM @ Wayerton- 14.160 °C
LSWM @ Upper Oxbow- 14.902 °C
You can keep up to date on water temperatures by heading to our friends at MREAC Site! (Also located in the quick links)

Spotlight on Betty Fitzpatrick

Anyone who has had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Betty Fitzpatrick, will easily know what I mean when I say that there a few other individuals that have such a zest for life. July of this year marked Betty’s 90th Birthday believe it or not and after the invite came and a lot of shock travelled around the MSA and then maybe even some self reflection and amazement at this women’s accomplishments I decided the best idea was to just sit down with Betty to find what keeps her so young.

Born in the Chatham Area of Miramichi Betty grew up hunting and fishing with her father, it was their way of life and as an only child she would accompany him on any hunting or fishing trip she could. 

Being instilled with a sense of adventure from a young age Betty easily took to riding motorcycles.  It took a while for her husband to convince her to finally settle down and get married and even then she still wanted to take the motorcycles on the honeymoon. They moved and settled in Fredericton, NB and raised a family before Betty entered the workforce as a Realtor and quickly became known along the river. Not many realtors were as familiar with all teh best fishing and hunting properties as Betty so she easily became the local expert.Betty is the kind of woman who always wants to be the co-pilot on the plane, drive her own motorcycle and hunt her own moose. 

Betty’s work has taken her many places and she is still one of the top realtors on the Miramichi watershed if your looking for a nice piece of land for your fishing camp. She believes that the second you stop you’ll start to age and if you meet her you’ll easily see that this woman has a million things on the go at all times. She’s been a member of the MSA since 1999 and donates her time and expertise every year to the Fredericton MSA Conservation Dinner. Betty comes to every meeting with a fresh idea or new contact even after almost 20 years.